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Tune up to Run and Walk well

Tune up to Run and Walk well



Mechanics: Heel to toe, dissipate stress, push off big toe.

Common Injury: Plantar Fasciitis

Goal: Support Arch, Wear supportive footwear, soft surface running, stretch.

Exercise: Toe curls.



Mechanics: Up/down movement, Foot Rolling

Common Injuries: Ligament Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis.

Goal: Keep good motion in joint, Vary terrain (Hills, grass), Stability.

Exercise: Balance.



Mechanics: Provide the force for push off to propel forward.

Common Injuries: Shin Splints, Stress Fractures

Goal: Keep flexible and relaxed.

Exercise: Calf raise onto big toe.


Knee /Thigh:

Mechanics: Provides force to bring thigh and shin forward.

Common Injuries: Patellar Tendonitis, IT Band.

Goal: Maintain Knee over second toe.

Exercise: Lunges.

Hip /Pelvis:

Mechanics:, Attach pelvis and core muscles, crossover of stresses.

Common Injuries: Piriformis Syndrome, Sciatica, IT Band

Goal: Keep forward, keep muscles flexible.

Exercise: Hip Hikes.


Core/ Low Back:

Mechanics: The center of movement. Helps keep posture.

Common Injury: Low Back Pain/ Disc Injuries Muscle Spasms

Goal: Keep strong and stabil. Stay upright when running and keep shoulders back

Exercise: Squeeze core muscles/ add arm movement.

Upper Body:

Mechanics: Shoulders control arm movement. Forward and back. Head relaxed 

Common Injuries: Neck Pain, Rot. Cuff tendonitis.

Goal: Keep shoulders back, Arms close to side, Elbows at 90*, Thumbs up !

Tuck chin and keep head relaxed.

Exercise: Chin tucks.